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Are you facing a public speaking crisis?
  • Man overcoming stage frightYour boss ordered you to present a briefing—with hardly any notice—and this time you just can’t avoid it
  • You have to testify at a hearing and there’s just no way to get out of it
  • You have to make the toast at the wedding of your best friend
When you absolutely, positively have to
  • Make that presentation
  • Present that testimony
  • Give that talk
But fear that—
  • Racing heart
  • Breathlessness
  • Tremulous voice
  • Shaking
  • Excessive sweating
  • Or other physical symptoms of stage fright

will get in your way?


Crisis Help

You’re facing an immediate demand or requirement to speak in public—in just a few days or weeks—and it terrifies you! This is the moment of truth for those with extreme anxiety of public speaking (our specialty).

You’re desperate for help and not sure what to do.

When you face an immediate crisis like this, you want help RIGHT NOW. You want immediately effective strategies, not something that will help you some time in the future—in months or years.

Stagefright Survival School to the rescue!

Stagefright Survival School is designed to jump in to rapidly dial down your anxiety and provide you with effective strategies that you can feel are working immediately. We can provide you with short-term, short-notice, customized, medically supervised support, to get you through the crisis that looms in front of you.

We offer a combination of approaches that work together to rescue the situation from slipping entirely out-of-control.

Developed by a psychiatrist and a lawyer, the Stagefright Survival School uses unique methods designed to help you overcome your terribly uncomfortable symptoms—so you can function effectively in your stressful public speaking challenge.

And later, in a more systematic way, we can help you build your competence for managing public speaking situations—so you can look forward to not having to be intimidated by similar crises in the future.

Call today to get started!

877-OK/STAGE or 877-657-8243

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