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Hesitating? Calculate Your Readiness Quotient
woman ready to overcome her fear of public speakingAre you ready now to enroll in the Stagefright Survival School?

Perhaps not.

That’s where the concept of Readiness Quotient can be useful.

Nobody does anything until they are good and ready!

You’re already in the process of getting ready because you’re reading this page! Once your Readiness Quotient reaches a certain threshold, a tipping point, then you’ll finally be ready to take action.

Try calculating your Readiness Quotient, on a ten point scale.

Where are you now?

At what number on the ten point scale can you imagine taking another step in the right direction? What number would it take for you to seize the opportunity to get rid of your extreme fear of public speaking once and for all?

Do you feel yourself getting just a little more ready to take action?

Can we help nudge you over the threshold?

Or are you still very far away from readiness, and need a lot more time to think about it?

Can we help you move up the curve of readiness ?

Take a symbolic step by giving us a call!

Enrolling in the Stagefright Survival School is an investment in your future. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Take this important first step: Call us today!

877-OK/STAGE or 877-657-8243

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