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What You can expect from Us:

Men and women who no longer have stage fright are giving a round of applause The vast majority of our graduates, even years later, tell us that our classes changed their lives. They became free to move forward in their careers, free of the nagging worry that at any time they could be called upon to speak in public. Their fear was turned into empowerment.

Our classes will be a transformative experience for you. Your attitude of terror and hopelessness will change into confidence that Public Speaking is within your grasp. Remember when you were a teenager and attended driving school? You got transformed from a Non-driver into a Driver. By no means were you transformed immediately into a good, much less a great driver, but you did become—a Driver. We all know that improving and fully mastering driving skills is a lifelong learning process. It’s the same with public speaking. Our Stagefright Survival School is guaranteed to transform you from a Non-Public Speaker to a functioning Public Speaker. Or your money back.

What We expect from You:

Our Stagefright Survival School is not a passive experience. It’s no different than any other school that requires participants to expend real effort. Like learning a new sport, you know you’ll have to work at it. Getting over a lifelong extreme fear may make it even harder for you. At first, you can expect to feel scared and very uncomfortable. We can cushion and reduce your fear and discomfort at the early stages. We’re confident that when you make your own “Personal Breakthrough,” you’ll be amazed and even euphoric.

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Exciting News: Our New Book, “Stagefright Solved” Now Available!
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Our New Book!
Burt Rubin’s Master Work on Stagefright
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You must make a “Personal Breakthrough” or your Money Back.
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What You can Expect from Us, What We Expect from You
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