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Our Guarantee: You must make a “Personal Breakthrough” or your Money Back
man cured of his fear of public speaking gives a presentationWe know how overwhelming and intimidating it is for you to be blocked by your extreme fear of public speaking. It may seem insurmountable to you right now to punch through this intimidating barrier. We expect that by enrolling in our classes at the Stagefright Survival School, you will achieve a “Personal Breakthrough.” That means that you’ll discover you can speak in public situations, that you can do things you’ve not been able to do, and that you can imagine you’re on your way to new and courageous capability.

The process of recovery is not immediate. It will be gained progressively as you put more energy and effort into practicing your new abilities. Thus, we do not claim that you will achieve 100% recovery over the short timeline of the course.
  • You will advance forward and get a very good start
  • You will develop a well-founded expectation that by continuing to employ our approaches and techniques, you will become the master of all your public speaking challenges
  • You will know it when it happens! We’re so confident that you’ll experience a “Personal Breakthrough” that we are proud to offer our Money-Back Guarantee

Our success rate for achieving a “Personal Breakthrough” is over 90%. Some may require taking another round of our classes to achieve their “Personal Breakthrough.” If so, that option will be free.

We are a business, but we have a sense of mission. We have personally experienced fear of public speaking and want to help as many others as possible to get over it too. By offering our Money-Back Guarantee do we take a risk? Sure we do. We have many costs to cover and we do want to become a business success story. But we’re very confident of our educational model and have enjoyed a recovery rate of over 90%. For those students who make a reasonable effort, success is predictable. You’ll know it when you make your “Personal Breakthrough”—and so will we. People with an extreme fear of public speaking tend to be smart, decent and uniformly nice people. We find they give us proper credit for helping them.

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Our New Book!
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Our Guarantee:
You must make a “Personal Breakthrough” or your Money Back.
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